Genital Herpes Test

Genital Herpes Test

The virus which causes the Genital Herpes infection is Herpes Simplex Virus which is generally termed as HSV-2. The test conducted for HSV-2 is a type-specific test for which a small blood sample is required. Genital Herpes is diagnosed or screened with the help of various tests.

These tests are extremely useful in order to examine many associated factors which are listed below:

  • To identify the virus even if the person does not face the symptoms at all
  • To treat and monitor the HSV-2
  • To detect any earlier exposure of the patient to this virus
  • To diagnose HSV-2
  • To examine if the signs and symptoms are present because of the HSV-2 or not

Doctors recommend the people to get themselves examined for this test once because the symptoms are very mild or sometimes, symptoms do not even show up. Therefore, this communicable infection can spread without even being aware of it happening. Also, when the symptoms occur, they can be mistaken for other infections as well if specific tests are not carried out. Hence, the importance of HSV-2 tests cannot be ignored at all.

Genital Herpes Testing Options & Which One Should You Choose?

One of the available tests for this sexually-transmitted disease is PCR Test which can detect this infection even if the person does not have any symptoms as this test mainly explores the DNA of the virus. This test is the most accurate and the most commonly used test for diagnosis of Genital Herpes.

Another test to determine Genital Herpes is the Cell-Structure Test for which a small sample of cells is withdrawn from a sore. This sample is checked under a microscope to detect Herpes Simplex Virus.

Apart from these tests, antibody tests are also conducted which are based on the blood sample of the patient. However, there is a restriction associated with an antibody test; this test only reveals whether a person had this infection before or has been exposed to this disease. Therefore, this test is fruitful to some extent, but is not helpful to diagnose an outbreak.

Where to Get Tested for Genital Herpes?

We have more than 4000 registered testing centers that have been established at convenient locations throughout the nation.

You can get tested at ​any of our 4000+ testing centers.

A test for Genital Herpes can be ordered in an extremely easy and comfortable way through our website.

You can search for the nearest center and get yourself tested there.

Want to Get Tested for Genital Herpes?

You can find your nearest test center using your zip code.

How to Order a Genital Herpes Test?

Ordering for the test for Genital Herpes is quite easy. You can just click on the button below where you can register for the test online.

​We've couple of Genital Herpes Testing options available on our website. You can pick a test as per your requirements.

If you only want to get tested for Genital Herpes, you can pick Genital Herpes (HSV-2) test, which will cost you $65.

Alternatively, you can also take Herpes I & II test or a panel test.

After you select your test, click on the “Get Tested” icon. Now on the next page you can enter your area ZIP code to find a Genital Herpes testing center near you.

On the next screen, you will be asked to create an account with us by filling out your  First name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Email address.

Now make a payment for the Genital Herpes test. It is important to make the payment online as the testing centers do not accept payments in any form.

After we receive your order, we will send you an email that will include a “Lab Requisition Form” along with a test code and the address of the selected Genital Herpes testing center. Just take this form to the testing center and get tested in less than 5 minutes.

When is the Right time to Get Tested For Genital Herpes?

Since the antibodies to Genital Herpes are developed by almost everybody at their own different rates, so there is no specifically right time to be tested for this contagious infection. On exposure to Genital Herpes, it is quite possible to identify the disease within 3 weeks. Even if the results are negative, it is still advised to get yourself tested again after 3 months just to confirm the previous results.

Also, the symptoms of HSV-2 are not very significantly clear and do not prompt the patient to order a test, this increases the risk of this disease to grow and also to spread further. Therefore, one should not wait for any right time and should go for a test at the earliest possible convenient time.

How to Prepare for Genital Herpes Test?

HSV-2 test is a blood test which does not require any preparations or fasting prior to the test.

After you book your test online, just visit the testing center near you and get tested for Genital​ Herpes.

How is the Genital Herpes Test Done?

The test for Genital Herpes is based on a small quantity of blood sample in which antibodies for this virus are searched. The test does not include any inconvenient swabbing or other related steps.

If the result is negative, it means there is no harm of Genital Herpes. However, if the result is positive, that means this infection was detected in the blood.

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What is Genital Herpes?

Genital Herpes is basically a genital disease which occurs due to Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and spreads in the form of a sexually-transmitted infection. Most of the people who carry this septic don’t even realize that they are infected by it and are not even expected to suffer any kind of outbreak. Generally, this infection has no significant symptoms and even if the symptoms occur, they can be taken lightly or perhaps mistaken as a cause of some other infection too.

If adequate and relevant tests are not done, the infection might still remain hidden. Therefore, specific tests must be done in order to examine the Herpes Simplex Virus.

Relevant tests explain which type of Herpes you are suffering from, which further help to analyze how you got infected by this disease.HSV-2 is mostly transmitted through sex which might be vaginal or anal. As soon as this virus enters a body via skin, it starts travelling along with the nerve paths. There are chances that it might become inactive and then, remain in the nerves indefinitely. It may get active from time to time and when this activation happens, this virus moves back to the surface of skin. This is the moment when this virus might lead to an outbreak of its symptoms.

The symptoms of this infection can last for weeks but deaths caused due to the same are very rare. The symptoms might take around 3 weeks before they start showing up.

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

If the symptoms show up as soon as the person gets infected, the symptoms tend to be much severe. Initial stage can be emergence of small blisters which open up eventually and release painful and raw sores which might heal in a period of a few weeks. These blisters or sores can also be accompanied by some of the following:

  • Pain
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Painful urination
  • Inflammation of rectum or anus

Frequently Asked Questions

What not to do when you have Genital Herpes?

When you are suffering from Genital Herpes, there are a few steps which you must take care of in order to stay safe and avoid transmitting the infection further, such as:

  • Avoid kissing if you have cold sores
  • Do not involve in oral sex
  • Do not engage in either anal contact or genital contact in the presence of any sores
  • If you touch the infected areas, you must wash hands properly after touching.
  • Avoid using saliva to wet your eye-lenses

How is Genital Herpes treated?

Although Genital Herpes cannot be cured, treatment can help prevent or lessen the symptoms and the infection. The treatment can lessen the risk of passing on the infection to others as well.

With the help of antiviral medicines, the discomfort and pain can be prevented or reduced. Currently available medicines also assist in reducing the probability of transmitting this virus further.

The treatment is available in the form of capsules, tablets, injections and ointments.

What happens if Genital Herpes is left untreated?

If this contagious disease is not treated on time, it can affect a person in various ways. Especially in case of pregnant women, this infection can be passed on to the child which can prove to be extremely serious or even fatal for the baby. Another major setback is that HSV-2 is a communicable disease which can pass on to your partner as well. Therefore, presence of this infection could hinder your sex life and interfere with your intimacy. Due to such problems, self-esteem of a person is also affected.

Thus, an untreated Genital Herpes could lead to multiple complications and problems and can even prove to be a life-threatening disease. Ignoring treatment of such an infection would not be a wise decision for any person.